Hello there and welcome to my blog! Just a brief note to explain my intentions with this blog and to say a little bit about who I am.


Sita - Bard - Phase 4 - 01.png
“A hearty hello to you, traveler!”

I have been playing video games for almost my entire life.  The first game that I can remember playing was Missile Command on an old Atari 2600, and I have seen the video game scene change over the last several years.  During this odyssey grew a love I have for trying to take the best screen shots of things that I play that I can, and this is especially true for the MMORPG genre.  After all, what’s better than being able to capture screen images with your friends?


Sita and Ashgar
“I honestly don’t know what could be better, Ash.”

So I will be using this blog to talk about different things that I like and enjoy and as a means to share with you some of the images I capture as I continue this wacky journey we call life.  I hope you enjoy!



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