My Lost Love

I made a brief mention of this in my last post, but Stormblood has officially been released. I am a somewhat old-new person to Final Fantasy XIV. I was not a part of the original 14 when it was released, as at the time I was stuck in the siren song that is World of Warcraft. When the transition happened to A Realm Reborn, however, I was in the first few weeks to pick up the game. I was excited to try something different and it seemed like a lot of things from Final Fantasy XI that turned me off had either been fixed or improved upon. And as expected, the game looked beautiful.

Sita - Phase 5 - 04
“I can’t see a thing with these glasses….”

For about 15 seconds.

Sadly, 14 pushed the limits of my then computer to the brink and my computer would go no further. Desperate, I remember turning all of my graphics settings down to the bare minimum, but it wasn’t enough to get rid of the jerkiness of the game. Defeated, I simply turned off the game and wistfully went on to something else. I was not in a position in my life where I would be inclined to spend money on a better computer at the time and by this point the computer I did have could not be pushed any further with new hardware.

Sita - Phase 5 - 06
I start to wonder if those scales hurt or not.

About a year ago two things happened that changed my situation. First, said computer finally crashed. At the time I thought it was due to a recent update Guild Wars 2 had released as it was only after that update that I started having weirdness with my computer. However, before long the tell-tale sounds of something reminiscent of a clicking beetle that I understood all too well. So the computer was scraped and its primary hard drive destroyed. I resigned myself to my laptop and continued on through Guild Wars 2 unabated: it was enough for me.

Then Overwatch happened. Now, at this point my life there are few games that come out to get my excited to the point where I consider a day one purchase. But something about Overwatch grabbed me in that way and I was ready to dive in as fast as I could. When this feeling came over me, Overwatch had not been released so I knew I needed to be ready. A quick query to my friends confirmed my suspicions: there would be no console players there. This was going to be a PC game purchase.

Sita - Phase 5 - 07
“Welcome to Gridania. We have trees.”

So I needed a PC. The laptop could barely run Guild Wars 2 and I knew there would be no way Overwatch would run. Plus, I just needed something strong for my day to day use (I am a programmer after all). So I made sure the computer I got would be able to handle Overwatch. And it could, and it was awesome. And for a year, Overwatch was a stable game in my diet and continues to be today. But I also tried other things with my new toy. Legion, Dragon Age, Terraria, the remastered Homeworld series. However, it wasn’t too long into this year that I got the urge to try something new. And it was at that point my friends reminded me of a lost love.

And so I joined up with them on 14 and I really have not looked back. I ripped through the Realm Reborn content quickly and just devoured the story. The community was unlike any I had been a part of and it felt really good. Granted, compared to the toxicity of Overwatch.. well you know.

Sita - Phase 5 - 08
“And that’s how Au Ra are made. Questions?”

Why do I enjoy 14 so much and what kind of experiences have I had? Well, that’s for another time.


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