Taking the Red

Last time I talked about The Trinity, and tanks specifically. I do plan on continuing the discussion on The Trinity, but today I wanted to talk about the Group Pose function in FF XIV.

Red Sita - 03
So eager to learn more…

I love this function, greatly. If you were to look back through the images I have taken of Sita and others over my time on FF XIV, you can see a clear breaking point in where the quality of the images got significantly better. That was the point where I discovered group pose in the game. It had been in the game long before I started playing again, but I would say it’s not a function that is well talked about unless you were to go looking for it.

Red Sita - 02
The Mitsuru Kurijo pose.

For the uninitiated, group pose will put the game into a mode where you can pose your character with others and really configure the shot you want prior to taking a screen shot. Almost every image I post on this blog from 14 is using this mode. It allows the characters to do emotes, allows you to stop movement at key moments, gives you the ability to put in lighting effects and several other things. As a highly visual person, this mode is a god send to me. I have yet to see such a thing in other games and much less in other MMORPGs. In Guild Wars 2, there are several things you can do to help you get a good shot of your character, but nothing with that allows this to be done with as much ease as group pose.


Red Sita - 05
This was a very toothy post in terms of images…

Through my use of it, I will say that the one thing that group pose doesn’t have is the ability to trigger emotes while in the group pose interface. As it works now, whichever emote the character recently did is the emote that is done in group pose, on a loop. It’s not unusable, but it’s a little bit of a time waster to bounce back and forth between group pose mode and game mode if you are trying to switch out emotes. Additionally, while you can at least change where other characters are looking, you cannot trigger them to do emotes either (unless you happen to get their players to do the emotes for you). It is definitely something I hope they add in the future.

This also brought up another point when I was discussing this with Ammo; I wish that the facial emotions were pervasive and lasted indefinitely, as opposed to wearing off after a few seconds. While the resting face of most characters are not terrible, sometimes you just want to have your character look snarky as hell.

Red Sita - 01
“Why yes, I am a badass.”

Anyway, if you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend looking into group pose and seeing what you can come up with.

Red Sita - 04
She really looks like she’s up to no good…

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