Away From Keyboard

It started as a simple game, as these things tend to start.

A few months back I logged into Final Fantasy XIV, settled in and took a look at my chat window.  New Free Company message.

“Fun Game: Find AFK company members and take compromising photos of them!”

Interesting.  For a few days, I thought nothing of this.  Then I found my first victim.  By happen stance, I ran into a Free Company member in Limsa and they just happened to be AFK.  I would learn a few minutes later that they tend to go AFK a lot and, most importantly, for long periods of time.

And from that moment I was hooked. For weeks it would be a good game for me to find AFK members, hunt them down and get pictures of them. It was a fantastic challenge and got me to really understand the group pose function.  Eventually, the stakes would go up. Could I get the company leaders? Could I get the rare members that you never see?  Could I get a picture of someone in a crazy short window of 45 seconds?

Well, as you well know, I’m much better with pictures than words, so I’d like to share a few.


By far I have more pictures of Ashgar than almost any other company member. This isn’t for any particular reason, he just happens to be the one I catch the most.  I don’t particularly like how dark some of these are, but I often do not have a lot of time with Ash to get a shot in.



Paper’s another one of my favorites, and probably because she changes her hair a lot like I do.



The Gold Saucer seems to be one of the best places to catch people AFK, if not the company house.

Muspel and Sita 01
Just a few more MPG???



The pictures of Nephsys are some of my favorite. There could be no finer miner.



The man, myth, and legend. Initially, very difficult to get a picture of Bel but I have had some good ones in the last few months.



The Leader herself. Super rare, but glad I got at least one!

Tam and Sita
Tam just does not care


Finally, during the Ash runs, we managed to get some good unintentional shots.

Like those times you try to have a nice moment with Ashgar, but you just sense that Belghast is somewhere, watching.

Uh Oh
Creeper-Bel’s gonna creep


Or when you try to cuddle up and another company member like Solaria catches you?

what the
ExCUSE me?!


Speaking of Solaria, I have several of her and Isa, but they will get their own post soon.

Take care everyone!